&Nbsp;  pneumatic attack silk machine used compression air drive, security fast efficient; smaller gas pressure and gas (0.3-0.8mpa), Super big torque output;. can on various steel, and iron, and copper, and aluminum, and plastic, material attack silk; tube entrainment overload protection device, silk attack injury less, screw teeth precision high; operation simple light, completely not need experience and power; processing cost more using CNC processing center, milling machine with attack silk device or manual attack silk low many ; Heavier matter does not need positioning devices or moving, large work area (within 100-2000mm RADIUS); rapid fast positioning and higher cutting speeds, increased production capacity; the through-hole or blind-hole, taps are not broken, vertical, (Universal) angle can be tapped; wide processing range: (M3-M24). Products, lifetime guarantee.
pneumatic tapping machine is equipped with precision tapping chucks, Collet with its own overload protection device. Tapping chucks clutch principle is used, even in blind holes, do not have to worry about broken taps, effectively to control torque, guarantee that tap is not easy to wring or damaged; screw accuracy at level 7 or above, both through-hole or blind-hole tapping does not appear broken teeth, broken teeth.