Tapping machine appears in the daily use of a variety of issues, here are some common company after accessing a customer found issues, personnel problems and solutions:  
, tapping machines common 5 questions:
     ①      tap break
  &Nbsp;   II      taps disintegrating teeth;
     third      tap wear too rapidly;
     II      The pitch diameter is too large;
     II      pitch diameter is too small;
     f      thread surface roughness value is too large.
II, and above attack silk machine problem of corresponding solution method:
     ① taps broken right to select thread end of hole of diameter; edged mill edged dip or selection spiral slot taps; drill end of hole of depth to reached provides of standard; appropriate reduced cutting speed, by standard selected; attack thread Shi correction taps and end of hole, guarantee its with axis degrees meet requirements, and selection floating attack thread clip head; increases taps Qian angle, shortened cutting cone length Ensure workpiece hardness to meet the requirements, selected insurance Chuck against County tap wear should be replaced immediately.
     avalanche gear reducing tap II tap Horn; increasing the cutting bevel length; lower hardness, and timely replacement of taps. Tap wear too fast lower the cutting speed reducing tap Horn, longer cutting cone length of selection of cutting fluid lubricity; to proper heat treatment processing parts to be exact grinding taps.
     third pitch diameter is too large a reasonable selection grades of taps diameter; suitable cutting fluid and lower speed; correction when tapping taps and thread bottom hole concentricity, floating chucks; appropriate to reduce the angle and the cutting bevel angle before; clear the grinding burrs of the taps, and appropriately increase the cutting length.
     II pitch diameter is too small in selecting suitable grades of taps diameter; increase the tap and cutting angle of anterior Horn; replace worn tap selection of cutting fluid lubricity.
     II thread tap value too large increases the surface roughness angle, reducing the cutting angle; heat, increasing the hardness of workpiece to ensure tap rake has a lower surface roughness values select the cutting fluid lubricity; reduce cutting speed; replacement of worn taps.