&Nbsp;         many of my friends don't know why electric Threading machine so popular he, in fact, when we use a tapping machine for tapping, he increased efficiency is very good, of course he would also reduce the cost of. In fact, many of my friends still care about say this electric tapping him for what the burrs removed.
       when we use electric Threading machines before the operation, we'd better be able to pour his bottom corner so simple when he was tapped to be faster, of course, there would be no burrs occur. If there is tapping products, so often we don't need polishing, so that jobs are more prone to glitches, and more trouble to clean.
    when we drill close to the ligament when we need his negative rake and rake to repair his model, which is actually a type of drill. So when we choose is to choose the best material to match the tool, so you can very well bring down the friction coefficient, and Burr is not easy. If there are glitches emerged, we can use his good Burr pneumatic tapping machines to get rid of him. In general these methods can be good to put Burr removal.