&Nbsp;     tapping machine for safe operation know which operate daily details before tapping machine, need to be ready for full work, first to go over all of the bolts enough fastening, check all the cables and the power switch is in good condition, stipulated by the operator must wear personal protective equipment can operate Induction tapping machine.
for the specified parts of the tapping machine is to advance into the lubricating oil or grease or something, wait until the machine is stable, handles security in all its operations, they were fully operational.
will need to use the tapping tools one by one around the convenience to get position, strictly in accordance with the specified debug standard tap sizes and size of attack, in the process of tapping often releases some impurities, hence the need to set aside space in order to exclude these impurities, to be cleaned on a regular basis. Attack silk machine of speed is according to attack silk of weight to decided of, in guarantee attack silk quality of while can appropriate to itself regulation speed of fast or slow, if attack silk machine in run of process in the appeared exception of sound, on need immediately parking troubleshooting, absolute not can with fault continues to work, and in for troubleshooting repair of when is must to cut all power, also have until attack silk machine completely stop run only can for maintenance.
   after the day's work done, need worktable is clean, the materials used need to be neatly stacked up.