&Nbsp;    when we are tapping machines in operation, we need to pay attention to a few aspects, broadly speaking there are three, like vertical adjustment, air requirements, there is the motor. Then let this simple introduction of the three aspects.
    the first to talk about verticality adjustment, we let the motor there is a quick change connectors under, his contacts and work desktop is a plane, also he and desktops are vertical joints, medium locking vertical plate, fixed with four screws. So you can connect the air hose to triple between the motor and the.
     demands on the air have had several, if he is the mother of the entire air drops of oil of speed 1-2 drops a minute, if oil drops too quickly, then the motor will have a lot of oil released into the air, it becomes wet. We have oil in the oil Cup every day and the quality and speed of detection, of course with a special pneumatic oil.
    us when we pressure pneumatic motor together to trigger, in fact, is the true story of motor, this time also negates the stretch under pressure, and then exit. Parallel arm is easy to move to tap the place, we do not need to use a lot of force, just let the taps without resistance into the screw holes would be nice.
    the above aspects tapping machine is very simple to use. NC tapping machines manufactured by my company use easier and more efficient