Tapping processing there are 3 common types:
a pair of gears, a connecting shaft, a links feed shaft. So the cutter rotation and can be threaded track.
spindle link at the foot of a regulatory teeth. Regulatory teeth on the nut in the back. Because the nuts in the head body, does not spin. So when the regulatory teeth rotates, it will push the spindle, in accordance with the teeth marks of track rotate forward.
servo tapping: no need to use regulatory teeth. Shaft and shaft by a servo-motor. Motor control, spindle speed and the feed rate, makes the rotation of the spindle formed screw trajectory.
tapping machine deep hole machining solutions and recommendations because of the titanium parts is difficult to machine, calls for cutting parameters and cutter geometrical dimension fully into account.
cutting speed because of titanium alloys with a large elastic and deformation rates, pneumatic tapping machine needed to have relatively low cutting speed. In a small hole machining titanium alloy parts, pneumatic tapping machine of circumferential cutting speed recommended is 10~14 inches per minute. We do not recommend the use of a small speed, because that would lead to the peening of the workpiece. Alternatively, you should pay attention to cutting heat caused by tool breakage. ª¤ when tapping deep holes, need to reduce the number of taps, so that each slot the chip space increases. So that when the taps when you exit, you can take more iron, reducing opportunities for tool breakage due to iron block. But on the other hand, tap and chip grooves to increase the core diameter is reduced, therefore, taps the strength is affected. This also affects the cutting angle improves the cutting edge strength, which increases tool life and Big Horn metals in favour of cutting long chips. When machining titanium alloys, therefore, need to consider these two factors, choose the right angle. ª¤ large angle can reduce the friction between the tool and chip. Therefore sometimes request tap angle of 40 °. When machining titanium, grinding out Big Horn at the tap and chip removal. In addition, full backs and grinding grinding taps taps also contribute to tapping.