Pneumatic tapping machine use precautions

A, and regulation vertical degrees
1. let pneumatic motor below of fast joint and work plane or work of artifacts plane completely contact, determine fast joint and work plane vertical (fast joint should and work plane no any clearance), then in lock tight vertical Board or direction head of 4 star fixed bolt;
2. will air took over received Yu tee pieces and motor Zhijian.
II, and pneumatic motor operation
1. pneumatic motor pressure Xia front-end of "pull rod" is pneumatic motor began clockwise rotating, at can attack silk, dang attack silk end Hou, pressure Xia Hou end of "reverse pull rod", pneumatic motor began counterclockwise rotating, at will completed automatically back knife;
2. parallel of operation arm can is easy to mobile to attack silk location, don't using vigorously down pressure, let taps on like spiral knife Rod as, and no resistance to access thread hole.
three, and pneumatic motor intake requirements
1. into tracheal diameter must in 3/8 inch or 10MM above, length best don't over 10M;
2. set of additional output pressure in 6-8kg for best;
3. adjustment air tee pieces in the of drops oil speed for each minutes 1 to 2 drops, if drops oil speed big fast is pneumatic motor top will for exhaust in the containing oil too more and became wet dew;
4. every day check oil Cup in the of oil volume, and oil and drops oil speed, So as not to caused machine damaged;
5. Please using pneumatic tool dedicated of oil (stick degrees 30 around) as: CASROLQWS MOBIL OIL DTE24 SHELL TELIUS32 BP ENERGOLHLP32.
four, and torque tube clip of torque adjustment
1. usually torque tube clip of torque in factory Shi are has set good has, but in attack silk strong toughness of material or when using a time Hou, must in adjustment, again set torque; < BR/> 2. torque tube clip shell Shang has two small hole, promised do half concave slot of torque adjustment, this in adjustment M3 following of torque control Shi is very important of;
3. using a word screwdriver provoked buckle ring, with needle-nosed clamp insert torque adjustment ring Shang of two small hole within, Shun clockwise can increased torque, inverse clockwise can reduced torque;
4. torque adjustment good Hou, will buckle ring insert tube clip shell of small hole within, torque that not in change has;
5. Torque tube clip is guarantees high precision of attack thread by must of, so torque tube clip cannot free mess put, and mess lost, and mess fell, so as not to effect attack thread of precision;
6. Dang pneumatic motor not turned Shi, general situation is pneumatic enough, please check pressure whether modulation 6-8kg within can;
7. Dang pneumatic motor running, and torque tube clip skid Shi, has may is material hardness high or material of stick degrees high, so please put torque tube torque adjustable big some;
8. in attack thread process in the, If tap breaks, check motor perpendicular to the work plane, or excessive torque of the torque tube, place the tapping chucks torque reduced.

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