NC electric part of tapping machine

Electric Threading machine features:
     electric Threading machine features high torque, torque constant, that is, constant tapping efficiency, tapping speed is constant.
     electric tapping machine automation control, easy depth control mode of automatic control and other special reasons: power source provided by the servo motor, it is easy to achieve with PLC control model and other communication, other control units control servo motor speed, action and realize all kinds of action
    cost-effective, 220V voltage working voltage, as long as there are places you can use, coupled with our unique, long thick design, cantilever structure, can be applied to all walks of life, using a wide range.   
  NC electric Threading machines can be divided into the following 6 components:
 1. display screen: back wire controls for adjusting the speed and depth control
 2. stand: tapping anywhere within a radius of operation, height can be adjusted lift.
 3. overload protection clamps: adjust the torque Chuck size, tap-tapping into the bottom of a blind hole more than its torque, skid protection.   
 4. servo motor: voltage signal to be converted to torque and speed drive control object. 
 5. servo controllers: power control and torque overload protection.
 6, tapping special reducer: by our professional design dedicated to tapping to enhanced speed reducer to increase servo motor torque output, and met life