Pneumatic tapping machine is different from electric Threading machines

  Pneumatic tapping machines more expensive than desktop electric Threading machines, much cheaper than electric servo motor tapping machine, function without electric Threading machines, servo tapping machine can be set up tapping depth, low noise, stable performance, long service life.
    pneumatic attack silk machine and electric attack silk machine the has the of advantage, from price Shang for pneumatic attack silk machine compared cheap    electric of is divided into two species, a is traditional of desktop electric attack silk machine of, a is servo motor do of electric attack silk machine, desktop of electric attack silk machine of price most cheap, but not convenient, met big of artifacts on attack can't, has must of limitations. &Nbsp; 
    tap, electric tappers attack teeth strong, high efficiency, saving energy, no noise, torque is very stable idling speed and the actual speed the same. So electric Threading machine for attack teeth, and bulk and long time tapping if tapping is quite large, and the economic conditions permitting, we recommend that you choose an electric tappers, cost is relatively high.
    as a whole still has its advantages, in General, if is a small thread tapping M6, pneumatic tapping machine efficiency and electric Threading machine, if it is attacking M8 thread, power tapping machines than high aerodynamic efficiency. Manufacturers according to the selected a suitable tapping machine is the best!! From the drive way, pneumatic tapping machine is driven by the compressor compressed air motors, electric tappers can plug in the 220V power-driven. Life of
    General Electric Threading machine service life longer than pneumatic tapping machine. Electric Threading machine if in case of voltage stability, 10 years is not a problem, pneumatic tapping machine service life is 2-5 years, and pneumatic tapping machines need regular maintenance. But if tap is attacking the small teeth like M3-M8 more, it is recommended that you choose a pneumatic tapping machine, which save money, efficiency is very high.