Pneumatic tapping machine problems and solutions

Pneumatic attack silk machine development course:
     pneumatic attack silk machine general development course more short, by pneumatic wind batch application Yu lock screws gradually evolution out for manual attack teeth with, often constantly improved (wind batch of deceleration part) reached high torque application attack silk job, and and Shang machine frame (guarantee relative vertical degrees), large application Yu mechanical processing attack teeth job in the. Solve small-batch production, processing centre is a very low cost to meet a portion of the small enterprises to improve production efficiencies and reduce labor cost effective, achieved a balance between costs and efficiency. Since principium of pneumatic tapping machines in use where there is insufficient, I Division in more than 10 years of experience in this regard some of the common problems and solutions, for reference only irregularities, please!
, the lack of power (tapping weakness):
reason: pneumatic tapping machine power sources are driven by compressed air, gas supply situation is not the same for each factory is fairly complex, insufficient air pressure is not caused by inadequate flow of direct power
why:                                                                   &Nbsp;                 solutions:
1, compressor too small enough pressure                                                                 &Nbsp;            replacement air compressor power in 0. More than 75KW natural gas storage tanks in more than 1 cubic
  2, long pipe (pressure) pressure drop 4KG boot:                    &Nbsp;            shorten the pipe length to minimize air tapping machine installed close to the
  3, the voltage drop over a large pressure drop 4KG boot (front-end trachea small tapping machines the original big) tubule receives large cause a pressure drop on: replace front end pipe
  4 , Tapping machine vertical too low (score a few teeth) attacking fixed:                         &Nbsp;        adjust the tapping machine guarantee taps with the verticality of the parts
   5, air motor wear (weakness):                                        &Nbsp;                          replacement motor
Second, poor quality
causes:                                                                                 &Nbsp;  solutions:
1, vertical differences (some manufacturers unreasonable design of rack)                      &Nbsp;                 adjust the squareness of the frame
2, bad teeth (due to more complex)                                    &Nbsp;                      rack tap tapping oil and gas motor a few found the
three, the motor Collet life
reason:                                                       &Nbsp;                          solutions:
1, without oil or primary manufacturers with two pieces of poor quality                          &Nbsp;           with special motor oil, replace high quality two piece (life key parts) are often not knowledgeable manufacturer province
2, Chuck tried to slip                                                        &Nbsp;                          tighten the clamp torque Often slipping can cause the life of low easy to wear or Chuck replace Chuck
3, compressor too much water                                                                                 And filters, water