Tapping machine with high-hardness materials not beat

&Nbsp;     tapping machine in case of high hardness materials, how to operate a more reasonable? today I will give you a brief introduction vaguely:
tapping should be rational selection of cutting fluid:
cutting fluids are commonly used in aqueous, ordinary emulsions, emulsion, mineral oils, complex (plant, mineral or animal) oil, extreme pressure cutting oil. Among them, water cools best, extreme pressure lubricating effect of cutting fluids is best. Hydraulic tapping machine of cutting fluid in about 200 ℃ loses its lubricating ability, but add extreme pressure additives in cutting fluid (such as sulphur, carbon tetrachloride, chlorinated paraffin phosphate, zinc dialkyl dithio phosphate) became good lubrication, extreme pressure cutting fluid, available at 600~1000℃ under the condition of high temperature and 1470~1960Mpa pressure lubrication. Therefore, sulfur, phosphorus, chlorine extreme-pressure additives such as emulsions or cutting oil, not only for cooling and lubrication in carbon steel, alloy steel, especially suitable for difficult cutting material in the process of cooling and lubrication.
high hardness materials have certain requirements for selection of taps, so when we attack high hardness materials, imported taps or private taps. Here special. Many customer faced such of problem, attack silk of material of hardness high, some hardness may up to HRC60 above, tensile strength than 45th, steel of tensile strength high 3 times times around, caused cutting force than cutting 45th, steel high 200%~250%; attack silk machine some material thermal conductivity coefficient only 45th, steel thermal conductivity coefficient of 1/4~1/7 or more low, caused cutting district of heat cannot soon outgoing, formed high of cutting temperature, limit has cutting speed of improve. Therefore, power tapping machines, pneumatic tapping machines in a variety of difficult to cut material when it is tapped, according to material and cutting character by tapping and processing stages, selection of appropriate cutting fluid to improve tapping of hard cutting materials and achieve the purpose of processing.
high-strength steel. In addition to the usual cutting fluid, extreme pressure cutting fluid should be used. Better with rapeseed oil or soybean oil tapping. Electric Threading machines, pneumatic tapping machines for processing molybdenum with CCl4 and 20th # machinery oil or grease with MoS2. Electric Threading machines, pneumatic tapping machines for finish machining pure iron, castor oil as a cutting agent diluted with alcohol. When machining soft rubber, with alcohol or distilled water as a coolant.