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Pneumatic tapping machine HD902LC

Pneumatic tapping machine HD902LC

Pneumatic tapping machine HD902LC
HD902LC pneumatic tapping machine features: lightweight, flexible, efficient, and has the advantage of other similar equipment cannot be replaced. Pneumatic tapping machines to avoid the lathe, drill press, or manual limitation of tapping, saving time, effort, not easily broken, rotten teeth, tap. With universal head is flexible, can be tapped at any angle. Universal device if you need more information, please call our technical department 0512-57664803.
Note: pneumatic tapping machine, also known as pneumatic tapping machine.
HD902LC detailed pneumatic tapping machine main technical parameters:
motor speed: 300 RPM
tapping range: M16
maximum RADIUS within: working conditions 1400mm, 1900mm
compressed air pressure (6-8 kg, M8 or the best of attack up to 8 kg)
pneumatic motor 1 (imported), tapping Bay 1 (imported) and the pneumatic-up one, universal head 1 (imports)
tap change tapping chucks (import) 6 (M6, M8, M10, M12, M14, M16)

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